Reviews – Conductor:


Carmen in the new Music Theatre Linz.

From a musical perspective the evening was an enrichment, particularly concerning the interpretation of Daniel Linton-France with the Bruckner Orchestra. Perfect tempi, much feeling for the singers and detailed attention to the many colour nuances in the score.
Subtle, fine music making, which was explosive at the right moments.

Oberösterreichischen Nachrichten 26.Mai 2014


……could not blemish the very good musical impression of this production. The inspired, faultless playing of the Bruckner orchestra motivated by Daniel Linton-France played a major role which was vehemently applauded.

Tiroler Tageszeitung 26.Mai 2014


Ballet Peter and the Wolf at the  Landestheater Linz.

Music: Peter and the Wolf, Sinfonie Classique and the 1st and 3rd movements from the 7th Piano Sonata by Prokofiev.

The musicians of the Bruckner Orchestra were playing in top form and Daniel Linton-France had his hands full as both conductor and pianist.

Neues Volksblatt by Paul Stepanek (Januar 2013)


Cosi fan tutte at the  Landestheater Linz.

The Bruckner Orchestra played masterfully under the direction of Daniel Linton-France.

Neues Volksblatt (November 2012)


Christmas Concert „Die Schneekönigin“, Brucknerhaus Linz

The Bruckner Orchestra under the baton of Daniel Linton-France presented itself to the best of its abilities and performed with subtle timbre and utmost precision for a predominantly young audience.

Oberösterreichischen Nachrichten 19.09. 2011


La Boheme,Landestheater Linz

Musically the performance was convincingly well prepared and the orchestra conducted by Daniel Linton- France very inspired ….the majority of the performance flowed most gratifyingly and one could sense the ease with which the orchestra played as one. The orchestra provided a solid basis allowing the soloists the necessary vocal freedom.

Oberösterreichischen Nachrichten 18.12. 2011


The Bruckner Orchestra conducted by Daniel Linton – France played well nigh beautifully and celestially.

Der Neue Merker – Heide Müller Oktober 2011


Zyklus „Mosaik“ Brucknerhaus, Linz

Members of the Bruckner Orchestra

The subtle melodies of the String Serenade by Tchaikowsky were conveyed by the conductor, Daniel Linton-France with a sensitive and clear statement. One could „savour“ the melodic element totally. The encores: 2nd movement from Janaceks Suite Nr. 2 and the Finale from „Simple Symphony“ from Benjamin Britten.

Oberösterreichischen Nachrichten 05.04.2011


Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg.


Acoustically the Bruckner Orchestra under the competent baton of Daniel Linton – France was somewhat overwhelming for the smaller opera house. Nevertheless, at no point were the soloists drowned out.

Opernwelt December 2010 by Gerhard Persche


„ Der gute Mensch von Sezuan“ Bertold Brecht,Landestheater Linz


……the characteristic musical language, composed some 70 years ago by Paul Dessau was congenially conducted by Daniel Linton- France.

Wiener Zeitung 28.09.09 by Ernst Scherzer



Zar und Zimmermann von Albert Lortzing


……Daniel Linton-France first „Kapellmeister“ in Halberstadt, conducted a fine opera performance. The orchestra played with a sparklingly fresh transparency enabling the numerous and clever witticisms to prevail. In the best sense of the word a delightful opera  evening.

Volksstimme Magdeburg 11.02.2008 from Liane Bornholdt


……one saw not only at the conclusion of the evening that conductor Daniel Linton-France by the end applause exuded radiant spirits. Obviously in the orchestra pit his congenial, scintillating charm had an intoxicating effect on the musicians…..the lively result was therefore no wonder.

 Mitteldeutsche Zeitung Halle 15.02.2008 from Ute van der Sanden


Anatevka from Jerry Bock


……After a moment of silence, a tumultuous applause with many „ Bravo“ calls rang out, above all for Klaus Uwe Rein as Tevje and for the gripping conducting of Daniel Linton- France.

Volksstimme Magdeburg 18.12.2006 by Dr.Herbert Henning


……sensitive, exhilarated or impassioned came the mixture of jewish folklore and Broadway sound from the orchestra pit under the masterful direction of Daniel Linton-France and imparted the message of an unending zest for life.

Volksstimme Magdeburg 21.12.2006 by Jörg Loose


……under the inspired and assured  baton of Daniel Linton-France, the orchestra of the „Nordharzer Städtebundtheaters“ performed the folkloric interwoven melodies with sensitive and sentimental charm.

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung 28.12.2006 by Uwe Kraus


Frau Luna from Paul Lincke


……“Frau Luna“, sparked with musical fireworks, a complete evening with temperament and spirited musicality ignited by conductor Daniel Linton-France.

Volksstimme Halberstadt 02.10.2006 by Dr.Herbert Henning


……Daniel Linton- France as a conductor, stimulated the orchestra to a level of superior and spirited playing.

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung  06.10.2006 by Uwe Kraus


Der Bettelstudent from Karl Millöcker


……the orchestra under the baton of Daniel Linton- France gave a mellifluous and vigorous performance of the sensitive and spirited melodies of Millöcker.

Volksstimme Halberstadt 29.05.2007 by Jörg Loose


……the orchestra under Daniel Linton- France, communicated almost in its entirety, singer friendly support, thus enabling the considerable voracity in the melodies and dancelike momentum of the score an explicit freedom.

 Mitteldeutsche Zeitung from Uwe Kraus


Der Wildschütz by Albert Lortzing

……applause for the playful, comedy talented solo singers and chorus and the supportive instrumental accompaniment from conductor Daniel Linton -France.

Wolfsburger Nachrichten 16.04.2007


Review – Pianist


Klavierkonzert in d moll KV 466  W.A. Mozart

……you should have seen this pianist as he sat at the piano. Compared with this a recording can only be sacrilege. Only live is it possible to experience how this transmitted to the audience. This Daniel was so involved that I believe he would have preferred to play every instrument and conduct all himself. Every melody, tone, phrase mirrored in his face. If one found the first movement dramatic and impassioned then the second was simply magnificent.

……and then in the third movement how Daniel and the conductor exchanged and juggled the themes, propelling the music forward………with music life is most beautiful

Die Volkstimme 6.06.2006 from Jörg Loose


Klavierkonzert in B Dur KV 495 W.A. Mozart
„ … del concerto in si-bem KV 595 si poteva cosi apprezzare il cristallino impianto cameristico, laddove il pianoforte ( affidato alle eure di Daniel Linton-France ) cercava di risolvere l’enigmatica sospensione tra serenitä e malinconia del contesto espressivo.”

Altoadige 07.03.2003



il pianista australiano residente a Vienna Daniel Linton-France. La sua lettura sembrava voler puntare sul carattere di rasegnata malinconia ehe vela l’intera composizione, scegliendo tempi cantabili e tranquilli, con la chiara intenzione di dare ascolto da ogni nota, fraseggiando con pulizia anche i piccoli dettagli…”


IlMattino 12.03.2003



„ Xavier Luck ( Flöte) und Daniel Linton-France ( Klavier ) zeigten Humor und Witz auf höchstem künstlerischen Niveau.”


(über das Preisträgerkonzert „Schubert und die Moderne “,Graz, im Mitteilungsblatt der Freunde der Wiener Streich- und Saiteninstrumente an der Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien, 04.04.2003) 



… Schwedens führenden Komponisten Anders Eliasson…(…) wer aber in Erl seine Goethe-Lieder, wundervoll schlicht gesungen von Julia Oesch und mit erschöpfendem Verständnis begleitet von Daniel Linton-France….”


Frankfurter Rundschau, 03.08.2000


von Christoph Schlüren


„ Franz Xaver Mozarts Klavierquintett in g-Moll (….) vom Pianisten Daniel Linton-France vornehm und einfühlsam angedeutet.”

„… die Violinsonate in F-Dur (Franz Xaver Mozart) ….dass es ebenso eine Klaviersonate war, sorgte der australische Pianist Daniel Linton-France…”

„ Der bemerkenswert engagierte Pianist bereicherte dann das Mozartprogramm mit der Fantasiesonate c-Moll, KV 457. (….) gedieh im dicht besetzten Festzelt zum gefeierten Mittelpunkt der Matinee. Zupackend interpretierte der hochbegabte Pianist das ausdrucksgeladene Opus.”


 Traunsteiner Tagblatt , 29.04.2000

„…einen derart brillanten, virtuos und einfühlsam zugleich spielenden Pianisten…”


Amberger Zeitung, 21.07.1999